Easy Social Share Buttons 5.7 – WordPress Plugin


Easy Social Share Buttons WordPress Plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is all-in-one social sharing plugin for WordPress that allows you share, monitor and increase your social popularity. With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you will take your social sharing & following on a next level.

Easy Social Share Buttons WordPress Plugin Features

  • Mobile compatible We know how important is mobile experience for you and this is why Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is mobile compatible. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also comes with dedicated mobile devices options for better mobile experience. And we also support Google AMP via official plugin for WordPress.
  • Custom setting for each page/post, post type and display location Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you the option to set custom settings for each post/page where buttons are displayed. You can change the template, position of buttons, counter settings, hide or show network names, hide native social buttons if you have activated them, change social sharing optimization tags, and offer custom share options (simple and advanced). You can also set custom settings for different post types and button positions
  • Custom Like and Share addresses You can select custom Share addresses for share buttons, instead of the current page, and of course you can set custom Like addresses for native social buttons. You can also build in specific settings for Share and Like addresses for each post/page
  • Advanced Custom Share Options You can do even more with Advanced Custom Share Options – set a different address and message for each social network, and/or for each post/page.
  • Translate on your language Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress allows you to replace default messages with your own, from your plugin configuration settings. You are also able to add custom texts above Share and Like buttons. Plugin also has full multilangual support with WMPL and Polylang.
  • URL Shortener option (build in WordPress option, goo.gl or bit.ly or premium add-on Self Hosted Short URLS for Easy Social Share Buttons)
  • Post Views  Easy monitor and display views/reads to your posts on site. You can also use the widget or shortcode to display most popular posts to your visitors
  • Facebook Comments Easy replace your default comments with highly engaged social comments via Facebook Comments plugin
  • myCred Integration
  • All-in-One Event Calendar compatible
  • The Events Calendar / Events Calendar Pro compatible
  • Cache plugins compatible
  • Easy to use function call to integrate into your plugin or theme
  • Automated plugin updates