Kaleo 1.2.49 – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme


Kaleo 1.2.49 - Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Kaleo is a simple and straight WordPress theme build for the designer, photographer, or artist. Perfect for both personal and agency. The template is pixel-perfect designed, making sure your final creation is flexible and easily extendable.

Kaleo WordPress Theme Features

  • Design System in mind
    Kaleo is crafted with Design System principles to ensure your WordPress site is scalable without visual clutter
  • Lightweight Websites Library
    High-performance websites library provide you faster page load so you can lower visitor bounce and rank higher in search engine result
  • Bloat Free WordPress Theme
    You don’t need tons of pointless features for your project. Bloated WordPress themes could harm your business. Kaleo theme take good care of it and you will get more reliable WordPress site as a result
  • Enhanced Mobile experience
    Kaleo is highly optimized for smaller screens by implementing adaptive image method to avoid large mobile data transfer so that the total page load time is dramatically reduced and ensure a smooth mobile experience for your visitor
  • Intuitive Theme Options
    Tons of theme options only get you a headache. Kaleo is so simple you can customize your site in just seconds
  • Smart Documentation
    Kaleo help widget lets you access knowledge base without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard. No more googling!