WP Staging Pro 2.5.6 – WordPress Plugin


WP Staging Pro Wordpr

Clone Your WordPress & Copy Staging Changes to Live Site. WP Staging Allows You to Work Safely on Your Website: Copy db & files from staging to live site; Exclude specific db tables & folders; Very fast cloning process; User roles authentication; Even huge websites are supported; Very simple to use.

WP Staging Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Can I push & migrate a staging site that has been created with WP Staging free version?
    Yes, just install WP Staging Pro. The free version will be deactivated automatically. Than you can push the existing staging site to the live site.
  • Do I need technical skills to use it?
    There are no special skills needed to create a staging site. Just click on one button an the process starts.
  • Can clients make changes and agency or developer can push it?
    That’s absolutely possible. Your client can modify plugins or posts and you as the admin can decide to push over the content by clicking one button.
  • Can we push database selectively and skip WooCommerce transactions?
    Yes, you can push specific database tables only and could exclude woocommerce tables to make sure that WooCommerce transactions are not overwritten and kept in the live database. You can also push files only and omit Db changes and vice versa.
  • Is the staging site indexed by Google? Any Seo issues?
    Per default option the staging site is not available to the public and needs authentication before it can be accessed. So there are no possible SEO issues here.
  • Can we use backup plugins on the staging site?
    Yes, you can backup the complete staging site including all its database tables.
  • Does the plugin work on wordpress.com hosted blogs?
    No, WP STAGING works only on self-hosted websites.
  • Can I upgrade from a 1 site license to a higher one?
    Sure, you can upgrade anytime and you pay only the difference amount between the smaller and the higher license.
  • Where is the staging site located?
    The staging site is placed in a sub folder of your main site. So it stays on your server and your data will not be transfered to third parties. The database tables are all beginning with the prefix wpstg(int)_ and are stored in the main database. This ensures that the live WordPress site never interferes with the staging site.
  • GDPR & Privacy – Is data submitted to 3rd parties like other cloud servers or git?
    ​​WP Staging does not use any external servers and does not send any data to or any other third party. ​The complete cloning, migration and data processing is done on your servers only and we do not have any access to any of that data.